Automotive Testing Expo Europe is the leading event, dedicated to

the quality, safety, reliability and durability of vehicles throughout

Europe.  The show will continue to be THE launch pad in Europe for

new technologies within the area of automotive test, evaluation and

quality engineering. [Homepage]

Main product groups

Exhibitors represent Test simulation, NVH analysis, Occupant/pedestrian safety, Engine/emissions testing, Track simulation and laboratory testing, Dynamometers, Vehicle dynamics testing, Materials testing, Aerodynamic and wind tunnel testing, Vibration and shock testing, Acoustic testing, Environmental testing, Mechanical testing, Hydraulics testing, Electrical system testing, Reliability/life-cycle testing, Test facility, Automated test equipment (ATE), Fuels and integrated systems testing, Test management software, Crash test analysis, Tire testing, Data acquisition and signal analysis, Impact testing, Electronics and electroelectronics testing, Fatigue/fracture testing, Torsion testing, Component testing, EMC/electrical interference testing, Structural and fatigue testing, Impact and crash testing, Sensors and transducers, Test facility design, Quality testing and inspection, Telemetry systems, Vehicle simulation, Automatic inspection, Stress/strain testing, Calibration, Laboratory instrumentation, Software test and development, Quality management solutions.