Oil tempering units

6 to 75 kW heating power

The oil tempering unit is designed as a stand-alone unit for a duty cycle of 100%. The tempering unit can also be controlled by an external controller using the provided interfaces. If necessary, application-specific control parameter sets and additional, customer-specific logical control tasks can be integrated into the unit’s software. 

Additional functions (optional):

•      Two permanently stored temperature PI control parameter sets (“dynamic” and “slow-
•      External preselection and switching of PI control parameter sets (“dynamic” and
•      Bypass valve between flow and return flow lines for quick limiting of heating power
•      Additional heat transfer oil connection in flow and return flow lines for optional pre-
       tempering of oil
•      2-point controller function for oil pre-tempering
•      4-line control panel with function and cursor buttons for specifying setpoint and dis-
       playing actual value of oil
•      Relay output for optional setpoint valve for oil pre-tempering
•      PT100 analogue input for measuring actual value of oil temperature

Technical specifications (for example of 45 kW unit):

Heating power:                                 45 kW (5 x 9 kW)
Flow temperature:                           145°C max.

Flow temperature:                           210°C max. (high temperatur version)
Pump power:                                   1,5 kW max.
Flow volume:                                    75 l/min max.
Operating medium:                        according to customer specifications
Cooling:                                            direct or indirect
Dimensions:                                    1050x370x930 mm
Internal control:                                PLC with PI control
Setpoint/actual value:                     Display can be switched
Setpoint specification:                    Internal
Sollwertvorgabe:                              External DC 0-10 V
Actual value output:                         External DC 0-10 V
Start/stop:                                          Internal/external (via floating contacts)
Max. permitted ext. volume:           4.5 litres

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